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Melvis and the Jive Cats  


Melvis and the Jive Cats was born from the meeting between Mel Lancet (vocals), Billy Martin (double bass) and Carl Flipper Desjardins (drums) in 2010. The main line was quickly drawn: a rockabilly-swing group. In September 2011, a new guitarist named Jean-Sébastien Gasnier joined Melvis. His love for vintage brings new energy to the group. 

The year 2013 marks an important turning point for the group: the mini-album Back to the 50’s in January, the launch of their first music video in September and the official release of the album Mr. Jive in November. Mr. Jive is composed of eight original pieces as well as three arrangements.


In 2024, with more than 500 shows to their credit , Melvis and the Jive Cats are performing across Quebec to spread the fever of 50's lovers.



   We were there…and you? 

  • FEQ (Quebec),
  • Etchetera Jazz Festival (Lévis)
  • La Manic Swing Festival (Baie-Comeau),
  • Limoilou in music
  • Rockabilly Burnout (Val Bélair),
  • Expo-Québec (Bistro Scene),
  • Festibière de Québec (Quebec),
  • Rockabilly Festival 418 (The Bay),
  • Jump and Dance Festival (Quebec),
  • Joly Retro Festival (Joly),
  • Night of Creation (Quebec),
  • Etchetera Jazz Festival (Lévis),
  • Fun Fest (St-Georges-de-Beauce),
  • Nostalgia on wheels (St-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu),
  • Jive Fest Festival (Montreal)

    AND MORE….



Swing/rockabilly arrangements

  • Blondie-Call me
  • White Stripes-Seven Nation Army
  • Dead or Alive-You Spin Me Round
  • Beatles-Get Back
  • Eurhythmic-Sweet Dreams
  • Amy Winehouse - Rehab, Valerie


  • Elvis –Don't Be Cruel, Jailhouse Rock, Houng Dog
  • Tequila-The Champs
  • Little Richard-Tutti Frutti
  • Cherry Poppin Daddies-Zoot Suit Riot
  • Ray Charles-Hit the Road Jack
  • Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison
  • Chubby Chekker-The Twist
  • Janis Martin-My Boy Elvis
  • James Brown-I Feel Good
  • Carl Perkins –Blue Sued Shoes
  • Bill Haley-Rock Around The Clock
  • CCR-Susie Q
  • Nancy Sinatra-Theses Boots are made for Walkin
  • Chuck Berry-Johnny B. Good
  • Brian Setzer-Rock This Town

Compositions – Melvis and The Jive Cats
(Mr. Jive CD)

  • Back to The 50's / My Wild One/ Heartquake/Someday/ Love Tango/ Your Serenade/ Mr. Jive/ Snowing in July

Corpo (jazz and swing)

  • More than 100 standards in the repertoire.



Different adaptable formulas

Whether for a festival or for a venue, the show formula is made up of four musicians (voice, guitar, double bass and drums) offering a festive repertoire from ELvis to Blondie of a specific duration.

Duration: 2 x 45 minutes of festive music or 1 x 90 min

Melvis also offers packages that adapt to the customer's needs by offering background music combined with a dancing evening. Whether for an office party, a wedding or a happy hour, the corporate formula is the most flexible formula for a jazz atmosphere followed by a dancing evening.

*Possibility of adding a DJ of all styles in the evening.

Duration: 1 x 40 min jazz/blues during dinner and 90 min continuous dance music.

The trio formula is a more courteous option. It offers you entertainment adapted to certain needs (space, atmosphere, budget) with three musicians (voice, guitar and double bass). The formula offers a varied and entertaining repertoire.

Duration: 2 x 45 minutes

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